Best with the best

Cooperation is a dynamic process that can greatly stimulate new developments and solutions to problems – the combined knowledge and experience of collaborating partners is powerful. Collaborating parties become networks that are beneficial to all partners. And therefore also to the clients of the partners in the network.

Member of the Expert Technology Group

BECK Automation GmbH and BECK Elektrotechnik GmbH are members of the Expert Technology Group, which is in turn part of expert AG. As a partner of this worldwide operating Group, we not only benefit from the suppliers' favorable purchase terms and conditions but also from collaborating with the members of the Expert Technology Group.

In this way, our company's affiliation with an agile Group translates into a competitive advantage for our clients and also allows us to manage large projects – financially secured and backed by a strong group.

VDMA member

As automation specialists, we are committed to the needs of the companies in the field of mechanical and systems engineering and provide comprehensive support based on our many years of experience. Within the VDMA, our company is a member of the Electrical Automation branch, which represents the manufacturers and users of control technology – VDMA is the German Engineering Association.

Automation Valley Nordbayern

BECK Automation GmbH is a member of the "Automation Valley Nordbayern," a coalition of companies and organizations in Northern Bavaria that are engaged in the field of automation. The initiative is dedicated to jointly expanding regional research and development competence and has initiated forward-looking cooperation projects.