Multifunctional energy storage with original BMW i3 batteries

Renewable energy sources offer many environmental and human benefits, but the fluctuating availability of sun and wind makes a uninterruptible supply solution from its own sources difficult. But fluctuations in the power supply are not only caused by renewable energies, even sudden peak loads by energy-intensive consumers are a threat to your reliable power supply.

Stationary battery storage systems from Beck Elektrotechnik

With our multifunctional battery storage systems we also offer the possibility of flexible connection of several systems, which are aligned to your individual energy requirements, from the simple standard system with a bidirectional inverter and a BMW i3 battery (8 kW - 22 kWh).

Our battery storage units are available in various customer-specific sizes in terms of power, capacity and functionality, for example: 8 kW / 33 kWh, 66 kWh, 99 kWh, ... up to 500KW / xxMWh. The original BMW i3 batteries from the automotive industry meet the highest safety requirements and offer stable capacity for years to come.

Multifunctionality for every task

Whether for the self-consumption control of your photovoltaic system in the basement, as a charging station for your e-cars on the house wall or as a large system for industrial application on your company premises - our multifunctional Beck performance control unit offers a variety of applications. For example, for larger consumers, our battery storage will intervene to absorb load peaks or to secure an uninterruptible power supply in the event of a power failure.

Internet access via VPN gives you access to data logging and maintenance options. Our open communication interfaces allow you to create a customer-specific gateway - so you always have your relevant data in view.

Scalable battery storage systems

Extensibility is guaranteed by the cascading of the individual systems. These "individual memories" are made up of small, flexible units that work in a container or as a network of swarms. Thus, e.g. Infrastructures for fast charging stations without expensive grid expansion can be realized.

Target groups

  • large family houses
  • Apartment buildings
  • Charging stations E-mobile
  • Farms
  • network service providers
  • commercial operations
  • industrial plants
  • Network operator (control energy market)
  • Municipal businesses
  • Energy supplier for infrastructure development

Electric storage system Beck Bess Big Box size S

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