Multifunctional energy storage with original BMW i3 batteries

Mode of operation and properties

The AC coupling of the system allows the size, type and location of generating facilities and consumers to be planned and installed independently of the power storage. It is detected at the grid reference point of the energy flow and by the charging or discharging of the power storage this is regulated.

High-quality power electronics and control (Siemens industrial standard components)
Modern, safe, cell technology of the BMW i3
Integration into higher-level control systems / process control technology possible
Monitoring maintenance via integrated display and VPN router (PC, tablet, smartphone)
Long life and high cycle resistance
High system efficiency
Place of installation: operating rooms, cellars, ancillary rooms, also outdoors depending on the version
Expansion is modular and scalable
Mains connection: 3 AC 400 V (can be connected at any point)
Fits every type of power generation: PV, wind, CHP, hydropower, power supply
Simple transport (control cabinet and batteries separated), approved according to UN 38.3

Available software modules

  • Self-consumption control for PV systems
  • Energy management for charging stations
  • Load shedding, load connection
  • island capability
  • Primary control power (in cooperation with energy suppliers)
  • Remote access, data logging and maintenance via the Internet with VPN connection
  • Peak shaving, i. Limitation of load peaks on average over 15min to avoid increased network charges for power supply of the RU
  • open communication interface with customer-specific gateway

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