Application software HMI, visualizations & network engineering

For overview, insight, and perspective

Our clients are always in control, even over complex systems and processes. Flexible and transparent process visualizations are tailored to the specific requirements of a system, simplify process diagnosis and increase efficiency. A well-structured interface facilitates handling.

Everything under control – everywhere

Decentralized maintenance and operation can be safely performed worldwide from any PC via Internet and VPN channels. In an emergency, troubleshooting can be handled quickly and easily, on a decentralized basis, by the service staff through remote maintenance and telediagnosis – on-site presence is not necessary allowing the operation of the system to continue to run smoothly on weekends and vacation periods.

Our Range of Services

  • Process visualizations, e.g., with centralized control systems and decentralized operation
  • Remote control
  • Telediagnosis
  • System operation and monitoring
  • Reporting / documenting / archiving events and dates

Visualization Systems

  • Siemens, WinCC, WinCC flexible
  • Rockwell Automation RSView
  • Wonderware Factory Suite
  • GTI ProconWin
  • SCHRAML Aquasys

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