Manufacture of industrial control systems

Skilled tradesmanship meets science

The electrical switchboard is the central part of any automation solution: It has to function properly around the clock on 365 days year-round. We plan, design and manufacture in our own facilities to ensure that we are able to offer the highest level of quality, precision, and reliability – and great flexibility in the production process.

Job production to small-batch production

From job production to small-batch production, we cover a broad spectrum in our in-house switchboard manufacturing operations. Since we are UL 508A-certified, we are able to assist our clients in manufacturing UL-certified switchboards.

On-site service

And if you are planning on implementing new systems, enhancements, or retrofitting existing systems, our experienced assembly technicians will be right there on-site to take care of everything.

Our Range of Services

  • Manufacture and inspection of industrial control systems:
    • Complex electronic switchboards
    • Distributors
    • Control consoles
    • Terminal boxes
    • Control panels
    • Small enclosures
  • Manufacture of UL-certified industrial control systems for the USA and Canada
  • Strict compliance with standards and regulations
  • Presetting of all components
  • Acceptance test
  • Complete, detailed documentation
  • Declaration of conformity and manufacturer's declaration
  • Quality inspection certificate
  • Transport and packaging (also safe for shipping cargo by ship)

Project planning, Installation, Maintenance and Service?

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